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Bring in the best food choices and menus for your BIG DAY! UNIQ Catering offers outstanding wedding catering in KL, Selangor, Klang Valley, and other parts of locations in Malaysia.

We serve unique dishes and bespoke cuisines that create an experience and bring out the best in your event.

  • Sumptuous & personalized food choices based on your theme and preference
  • Address you and your guests’ dietary concerns
  • Deliciously play with flavors & fresh ingredients to create unique menus
  • Excellent catering and event services

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Wedding Party Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Wedding is an ensemble of two people being united as one; vows are being witnessed by many most especially with friends and families of the couple. Itโ€™s a conjunction of everyone present in the ceremony thus giving the reason why wedding events should always be a success but nevertheless beautiful.

Planning your very special day is not an easy task even there are many who tried to pull off their wedding by themselves. Do-it-yourself wedding plans are never underestimated but it will take much toll on the couple. All preparations will take so much of time thus proper scheduling and prioritization should happen. This is what Wedding Catering Malaysia can bring you; a budget-friendly wedding planner and caterer as one.

WCM has mastered many crafts when it comes to wedding preparations and planning moreover we are still a company that provides good food menus, elegant and classy choice of drinks and the masters of the tastiest wedding cake and patisserie in Malaysia. If you are the type of the couple that goes straight to a crowd party well then this type of catering service best suits you.

Wedding Party cateringย has been known to many future husband and wives as it promotes the unusual wedding reception tradition. Young ones and the modern couples made this catering service popular since they are the most outgoing type of couple. Having a large crowd party after your wedding ceremony is an out of the box theme idea since every attendee has the chance to enjoy the rest of the night. What WCM brings more to make your unique wedding reception come to a great night, here are the few reasons.

Why Wedding Party Catering Malaysia

Food Variations

Throwing off a party is a great idea what more when it is paired with a very good and delicious food selection. Prior to the event, couple are given the chance to mix up all kinds of food they want; from different cuisines, types and even the uniqueness of the preparation. This is to give the large crowd many selections when it comes to their food choices. Moreover, WCM promotes healthy and nutritious food that is why our expert chefs also exert great effort that all the ingredients being used are fresh and new. As an addition, all our prepared foods are Halal-certified not unless stated by the couple to have some dishes to have pork to be used. Also to go along the reception theme, we also offer finger-food dishes for those who just want to have a bite-sized of all good meals. This is somehow a good idea to keep them energized and fed all night even in small amounts.

Friendly Servers

It has been proven that customers will just fully enjoy their meal if it was served right, fresh and warm most especially if it was handed by a smiling and courteous server. Here in Wedding Catering Malaysia, we highly promote to our service crew to maintain the friendliness and the Malaysian hospitality tradition. No matter how tedious and busy the event is, our servers and waiters will always accommodate you in a friendly manner. We would like to render our service with manners and professionalism at all times.

Expert Wedding Planner

To come up with a great wedding party all you need is an expert wedding planner which is Wedding Catering Malaysia has in store. Our team of wedding planner are very good at their job and artistic kind of way. They plan from the scratch idea to a whole new kind of artistry. The works of our experts are very thorough and very detail-oriented. There will be nothing to be missed since everything is recorded and working with our wedding planner you will have a full-package and wrapped up wedding event youโ€™ll surely enjoy.

Complete Amenities

When you hire WCM (Wedding Catering Malaysia) youโ€™ll expect to have a complete provision of all the amenities needed in a wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Our team will fully provide all the necessities that needed in decorating and beautifying the area of your choice; whether itโ€™s a church wedding or an outdoor wedding. In the meantime, the firm will also provide the equipment needed in the reception which includes tables, chairs, lighting, music and video equipment and all other materials to conceptualize the entire event. Hiring us will give you a stress-free event and it will be the best choice you have ever made.

Ready to taste the best wedding dishes?

Weddings are such beautiful time yet stressful but couples now have a choice to endure such trouble. Contact Wedding Catering Malaysia now and we will ensure you that you will have the best wedding memory youโ€™ll forever share.
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