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Bring in the best food choices and menus for your BIG DAY! UNIQ Catering offers outstanding wedding catering in KL, Selangor, Klang Valley, and other parts of locations in Malaysia.

We serve unique dishes and bespoke cuisines that create an experience and bring out the best in your event.

  • Sumptuous & personalized food choices based on your theme and preference
  • Address you and your guests’ dietary concerns
  • Deliciously play with flavors & fresh ingredients to create unique menus
  • Excellent catering and event services

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Wedding Buffet Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Wedding Buffet Catering is not your usual idea of buffet catering though thereโ€™s a touch of the traditional buffet catering there are still some points that differs. Wedding Catering Malaysia has known to be a good supplier and event organizer in hosting off a large crowd that is why we have incorporated our traditional buffet catering to a more grandiose wedding buffet service.

There are still a lot of people today who were still like the idea of having a buffet style food preparation. Many like the idea that they can save a lot on their budget without compromising the contentment of their guests. All of these are true which is why WCM is hereby proud to render such exemplary service. Whilst it is true that buffet serving can save the couple a lot of their budget WCM made ways to make it wiser yet worthy of having it as your preferred wedding reception idea.

Here are some points to ponder why is it good to have a buffet catering for your wedding reception.

Indulge on Big Servings

The perks of being invited to witness a wedding ceremony is the grandeur the event has brought to all whoโ€™s present. The beautiful wedding ceremony and the festive food displays during wedding reception and this is more celebrated when you choose buffet style catering. Foods are being prepared individually and the guest can choose many dishes as they like. They can even enjoy a plate full of their favourites and what more buffet style goodness can bring is everybody can enjoy big servings. Unlike when compared to single plate serving, in buffet style catering everybody can fill their plates up to their hearts content and they can savour in all the delicious food as they like.

Large Crowd means More Food

The good thing in having buffet style catering is the assurance you have that you can feed the entire guest list even more so than you expected. Having a large crowd is somehow a troublesome for others because it means a very diverse food choices and taste differences of the attendees. But withย Wedding Catering Malaysia you donโ€™t need to worry about these minor issues, prior to the event we give the couple a privilege to mix and match all different cuisines they have in mind. This is to give their guest a chance to pick what kind of dish they want during the event proper. The larger the crowd the wider the food selection is, that is the goal of WCM everytime we host a big party.

Enjoy Big Discount

Here in Wedding Catering Malaysia we give big saving discounts to our valued customers and were subject to avail different packages we have in store. Furthermore, while placing reservations with our wedding buffet catering you will likely save more from your budget since our buffet catering will maximize your budget to the fullest. With a decent amount to start with you can now have the full leisure to enjoy a terrific and deliciously dishes we are highly capable to serve. Moreover, enjoy a night of full pleasure as we beautify the entire venue to complement the event.

Package Deal Decorations

As WCM widens its field of service, crafts and wedding beautification has been also mastered. As we offer high quality dishes, we also offer very good deal in event styling. Our experts wedding stylist offers a very good output for a very low and affordable price but somehow depends on the package you were about to avail. But rest assured that all package deals you are about to pick is a complete and well-detailed styling service. Moreover, you can even impart and share ideas of your creativity to our team and we will incorporate everything to make your special day a majestic one.

Ready to taste the best wedding dishes?

Wedding are such beautiful memories to be remembered, despite all the crams and the stress it might bring to everybody, itโ€™s the moments of the journey that will last. Share such experience to all your loved ones but make sure you plan with us. As Wedding Catering Malaysia, we make it livelier, wonderful and a memory worth reliving a countless times.
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