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Home Wedding Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

It has been a wide known idea of many celebrations nowadays to have their very own house garden as a perfect location to be a venue to different kind of events. As we have all known, house gardens were usually a top choice for birthday parties for children since parents donโ€™t want to spend so much on renting huge places just to hold off kidโ€™s party. It is an unwise decision since parties like these ends up messy and such a nuisance. Sometimes, gardens are also an easy choice to hold annual reunion party or a big family gathering. Nevertheless, house garden were such a good choice for hosts who were on a tight budget and want to save the money for a better use in the future. This is why Home Wedding ideas has born and patronized for quite some time now.

The numbers of soon to be married couple to opt to choose house garden wedding has been amazingly increased over the year and many wedding organizers promotes also this kind of wedding ceremonies since church wedding has been to mainstream already. It was undeniably true that home wedding is a total budget-saver but there are still factors that need to be considered to finally throw a wise and planned wedding event.

Wedding Catering Malaysia offers this line of wedding catering service to get uphold the increasing numbers of patronizers of house garden weddings. We offer Home Wedding Catering which specifically provides all the necessities a successful house garden wedding. We take good care the remaining factors that still plays important role in pulling off your special day successfully.

Itโ€™s a long list of priorities but we have narrowed them down to the following:


It has been established already that Wedding Catering Malaysia is a renowned food catering firm in Malaysia thus we fully pledge to supply only the best and the tastiest dishes for your special day. Furthermore, we offer a wide food selection menu for you to choose from ranging from different kind of cuisine you prefer to the most delectable dessert and pastries. We also offer the best wine and alcohol choices to savour up your palate after taking your meal. As an addition, our package does also offer the couple to have their wedding cake customized on their own preference. They can even contribute any idea on how they want they cake to be done. These masterpieces were all under the craftsmanship of our professional bakers and pastry chefs and other kitchen crews.


Availing our Home Wedding catering service lets you enjoy a complete package of all the materials and equipments needs to be used during the event. We include all the amenities like table and chairs, lighting, sound equipments and also video and photo coverage for the both wedding ceremony and the reception itself. This feature enables you to save more from your budget and keep you away spending too much on other details from third-party associates.


Wedding Catering Malaysia expounds its services to event styling and decorations. We include handling the flower arrangement, the decoration and the entire setup of the event. We have countless and reliable associates that can accommodate our needs on top priority. We have connections that can do flower arrangement; provide the dresses and the theme complements like tokens and souvenirs for the guests. All of these are all included in all our packages but differs to your added preferences and additional requests.


Manning an entire event is stressful not only to the families of the bride and the groom but it does only the same to the organizers. Thus, WCM provides enough and efficient manpower to work on everything that were tasked for the day. We got enough men assigned on food servings to ensure proper and systematic food handling is done. We also have men to work on technical issues which mainly focused on video and sound management. Prior to the main day of the event we make sure to contact and assigned enough numbers of men to assist the entire event regardless of the assignment they are tasked to work with. This is to ensure that the entire event will run smoothly and to implement proper program flow.


Home wedding catering is somehow different in hosting off an event in a restaurant or a function hall. In location like these, we need to make sure that we have recorded and listed all the necessary items needed for the event and everything should be delivered before time. Any unnecessary driving and unprecedented delivery situation will somehow arise to consequences especially in monetary basis. WCM ensures that all logistic details are recorded and were handled prior to the day of the event. We make sure that all location drives are calculated and all the loaded materials are recorded to ensure the efficiency of the task. Our logistics team will oversee such situation and will be the one who will manage and decide on things if problem arise.

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