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We serve unique dishes and bespoke cuisines that create an experience and bring out the best in your event.

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Indian Wedding Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Weddings are known to be colourful, vibrant, and were all filled of lovely decorations to make the entire event a welcoming one. But what you will experience in an Indian Wedding is far more than you expect. The aforementioned were just substantial and understatement, Indian Weddings are known to be lashed of sparkle and twinkling of big jewelries and beautiful traditional costumes.

Indian clients were few in numbers in the land of Malaysia but Wedding Catering Malaysia has practiced and has been engaged into many Indian Wedding events and we have stylized and handle all the coordination of the event. It is unusual from the other wedding traditions since Indian weddings are celebrated for longer days. The event is expected to run up to three days and it was lavished with far-fetched decorations. Not only was that, the houses of the soon to be married couple were also decorated from wall to ceilings to invite the warm theme and engage the Indian belief in blessings.

With all these stresses and errands to make such event a successful hiring only the best catering firm will help you sort out all the necessaries. Even in the land of Malaysia, our catering firm assures all our Indian clients that they will have the best wedding day of their lives in our hands. We promise to give you the entire feel and let you experience the traditional Indian wedding you asked for. We will handle the usual like, the bride and groom dress which must be specifically follows the traditional customary designs, not unless specified of the couple to be modernized. We will have you choose the best set of dresses for your entourage all are attached and embellished with a regal aura to represent the culture of India to the rest of the guests. We will handle the planning for the reception which is popularly attached to term โ€˜crazy partyโ€™. Since India is known to be dancing people, expect your reception party to have all that excitement and party flowing. Our technical team will supply the best Indian cultural dance songs to keep the guests entertained and keep the party feel going. Couple has the chance to pick and mix all different kind of food they want to serve, they can surely have purely Indian menu servings but they can have a little mixed of Western if they have some guests who were non-Indian. This criterion of Wedding Catering Malaysia is to ensure that all attendees will surely have fun and enjoy their time during the event.

We have a lot to offer and we are known to be versatile all upon the request of our clients. We highly give value to the belief of different races that is why Wedding Catering Malaysia strives to study and go beyond exception to learn more about different wedding tradition. This knowledge we have made us the best catering firm youโ€™ll employ for your special day.

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and you will be only married to the only special one of your life. Make it worth and as much as like to make everything go as you plan take everything factors matters. This way you will be guided to the right path of your decision making. Wedding Catering Malaysia is just here to guide and assist you all the way, we are one call away, please donโ€™t hesitate as we all love to celebrate beautiful wedding events.
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