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Italian Wedding Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Italy was known to be the place where romanticism was born thus whiles a very solid ground footing of Catholic. The very base of Rome and the true origin of pure Catholicism that even the streets were named after popular Pope and Saints. Italy was known for many things which includes tourist spots, attractions, churches, the very known Leaning Tower of Pisa and the most impeccable you canโ€™t notice is the food. Many restaurants strive to offer different Italian dishes even in the native lands of Asia. This just proves Italian menu suits best for the universal palate. This is why many couple of the recent age pegs on having a wedding in Italy and experience the feeling of being there. Well, thereโ€™s nothing to wait for more asย Wedding Catering Malaysiaย brings you personally the feeling of having that Italian-inspired wedding of yours.

Wedding Catering Malaysia has specializes many kinds of wedding themes and we fortunately can cater an Italian-inspired wedding theme. With the help of our very own skillful hands and bright minds of wedding organizers and stylist, we can bring you the Italian wedding you have been dreaming of. All from the wedding dress inspiration down to the very minute and little details of your entourage. You can even choose to have your ceremony in a church or a sophisticated garden wedding and we will take over the designing and decorations to feel that Italian-environment aura. Lastly, as we handle the food preparations, you will taste the original and pure Italian dishes as we offer wide choices of menu. You can choose from the pasta, meatballs, steaks, roasted dishes and a whole lot more of the pure delicacies you can taste in the streets of Italy. Since experiencing a pure Italian wedding even in Malaysia, cakes are way too different than the traditional cakes we serve. Indulge yourselves into a one of a kind cake like mille-foglia an Italian cake made from layers of light filo pastry, chocolate and vanilla creams, and strawberries or zuppa inglese, tiers of pound cake filled with chocolate and vanilla custard, rum cream, and fruit, topped with sugar flowers or a candy dove, a symbol of lasting love.And as we cap of the event, we offer a complete bar of drinks; wine, spirits, alcohol, juices and a lot more available. And as you enjoy every sip of your wine, you will be serenaded with the soft and soothing music of percussion and strings all night long; just like you imagined spending sometime in the very streets of Florence with your special someone. You will truly enjoy every minute of your grand special day when you let Wedding Catering Malaysia handles all of it.

Our catering firm will surely provide you the best wedding you ever wanted altogether with the assistance with our very handful and professional working crew and managerial team; we will surely give you the best Italian-inspired wedding you have been dreaming of.

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and you will be only married to the only special one of your life. Make it worth and as much as like to make everything go as you plan take everything factors matters. This way you will be guided to the right path of your decision making. Wedding Catering Malaysia is just here to guide and assist you all the way, we are one call away, please donโ€™t hesitate as we all love to celebrate beautiful wedding events.
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