Vegetarian Wedding Catering

Bring in the best food choices and menus for your BIG DAY! UNIQ Catering offers outstanding wedding catering in KL, Selangor, Klang Valley, and other parts of locations in Malaysia.

We serve unique dishes and bespoke cuisines that create an experience and bring out the best in your event.

  • Sumptuous & personalized food choices based on your theme and preference
  • Address you and your guests’ dietary concerns
  • Deliciously play with flavors & fresh ingredients to create unique menus
  • Excellent catering and event services

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Vegetarian Wedding Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Planning your very own unique wedding ideas somehow makes it harder when they are so few who can cater your needs. For dresses and flowers alike they are so norm that almost anywhere in your town you can find a very good company that would have it done for you so is the decoration and the beautification aspect. But when you become ultimately unique and versatile with your food choices and being vegan is a thing for you and your partner that is somehow an indispensable truth that is truly difficult to deal with. There are so few in the count that catering firms will supply you enough choices of vegetarian menu especially with people these days who really relatively spend money on meat-based foods. But worry no more as Wedding Catering Malaysia open its doors to all vegan and green-leafy vegetable lovers to fully indulge their palate with our wide selection of vegetarian menu.

Cilantro, caprese salad, roasted cauliflowers, vegetarian mini pizzas, mushroom ragout and fresh herbs, penne with asparagus and the long list just goes. We are proud being the sole company who were really open to the idea on supplying pure vegetarian wedding catering in the land of Malaysia. Our very own professional chef single-handedly prepared all these sumptuous vegan dishes that will ultimately make your guests drools and forget meat for awhile. May it be true that vegan dishes are not for everybody butย Wedding Catering Malaysiaย gives our best to make each meal worthy of every slice. As might they say wines just goes perfectly with meat well we have prepared the finest choices of wines and spirits to cap of your meal and also to toast to the greatness and happiness being shared In one special event.

Wedding Catering Malaysia believes that planning your wedding day doesnโ€™t need to be that difficult and stressful especially when you are typically food delicate and sensitive. Being vegetarian doesnโ€™t need to be literally a painful idea and it shouldnโ€™t be a problem too. Your food restrictions are your own specific and unique identity, be proud of it and let everyone know about it. Feeding your guest during your wedding is one special task but donโ€™t let being a vegan stop you from feeding them the best and finely prepared meals. Even a vegan can make their guest a happy eater when you work with only the best in town. Wedding Catering Malaysia promises to give you a vegetarian wedding theme without compromising your attendees the experience they want to feel.

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Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and you will be only married to the only special one of your life. Make it worth and as much as like to make everything go as you plan take everything factors matters. This way you will be guided to the right path of your decision making. Wedding Catering Malaysia is just here to guide and assist you all the way, we are one call away, please donโ€™t hesitate as we all love to celebrate beautiful wedding events.
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